Feedback from Hover Harness Users


After suffering a double shoulder injury, I was informed that I would no longer be able to take weight on my shoulders. This meant that I would no longer be able to play guitar standing up. It can be hard to give a high energy performance when you are sitting down, so it was important that I found an alternative. Thankfully the Hover Harness has allowed me to continue doing what i love by taking the strain and weight off my shoulders. Now I will be able to play standing without any risk of further injury to my shoulders. Customer service was fantastic both before purchase and post purchase. Every step was taken to ensure I got the most out of my Hover Harness. The build quality of the Hover Harness is outstanding, built to last. The Hover Harness looks incredible too. Hidden behind a shirt, it cannot be seen and unlike regular straps, it doesn't rub away at my jacket. I highly recommend this product to anybody who wants to take the pain away from playing and get back to enjoying the joy of music.
NSW, Australia    June, 2013

UPDATE  November, 2017:

My name is Alexander from Sydney NSW.  I bought a hover harness a few years ago after a shoulder injury.  Nerve damage .. went down to my hands and I couldn't play for almost a year and a half.  Now I've recovered pretty well and I play every day.  I actually teach guitar now too after hours and perform once a week.  I abuse the hell out of that harness.  Still as good as the day I bought it.  When I perform I put a normal strap on over the top, but the strap is almost completely slack and just there for aesthetics.  All in all a great product.  Probably some time in the next year I would love to get another one just to have a spare as I rely on it so heavily.

Regard,  Alex

I play an acoustic 12 string K66CE Taylor guitar but due to nerve and other damage to my neck, I am unable to support the weight of a guitar on my neck ... even a heavy coat is a problem to me.  I have not played with a strap in over 25 years.  Your product seems to be one-of-a-kind in that no other system avoids contact around the neck and shoulders.  Excellent idea, I like.  I am a bit surprised at the simplicity of design and the quality of the harness.  IMO, well worth the cost given.  I have never seen ANYTHING else out there which even comes close to doing what this harness does.


Dallas, Texas, USA