Hover Harness

Our Company

Hover Harness, LLC is a small business located in Craig, Colorado on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains. We are excited to provide a product that can help relieve the strain that a guitar puts on your upper body. Our hope is that the Hover Harness™ can make playing music more enjoyable for you. We have a hands-on management philosophy, personally overseeing every aspect of our business. Each Hover Harness™ is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Our History

Our roots actually started in 1973 when Rich Foster, an electric bass beginner, broke his left collarbone exactly where the guitar strap crosses it. This began his experimentation with alternative ways of strapping on a guitar.

Fast forward to about 2009 and to a discussion on an online guitar club. Somebody asked if anyone knew of a way to strap on a guitar so that its weight wasn't placed on the person's neck, shoulders or back. This spawned the idea of somehow placing a guitar's weight on the waist and hips. After many hours of dreaming, experimenting, sewing and welding, we developed the current, patented, Hover Harness™ design, utilizing a rigid frame to transfer the instrument's weight to a waist belt component.

Hover Harness, LLC is comprised of two partners, Nancy and Rich Foster. We and our kids are all musicians.

Nancy and Rich have two sons. Adam is a tax accountant. Scott is a student at the University of Colorado (Go Buffs!) 

Adam, Nancy, Scott, Rich

Our Commitment

To You

Our top priority is your satisfaction with the Hover Harness™ products and service. If you experience any problem please contact us and we will make it right.

Your privacy and the security of your personal information are very important to us. We adhere to the highest privacy standards to ensure that your information is protected. Your individual information is not shared with any outside parties. At no time do we have access to your credit card number. A secure shopping cart service processes your sales transaction.

To Quality

We want our products, customer service, and company to be the best they can possibly be. If you have any questions or comments, good or bad, please contact us.

To Our Community - local, national and global

At Hover Harness, LLC we recycle, reuse and conserve material and energy resources whenever possible. Some of the materials used in the Hover Harness™ itself are new, surplus materials that would otherwise sit unused on a shelf or go to a landfill.

We give a portion of our profits to charity.